Throw me a party or throw me away.


"In civilizations without boats, dreams dry up, espionage takes the place of adventure, and the police take the place of pirates."

-Foucault, Of Other Spaces, Heterotopias

“Girls Can Tell” at GAK

"It’s like when you experience that your own minority is repressive; that it reproduces some of the same repressive structures as the ones you’ve just survived…And how do you find a way of being with others in a way which allows you to define yourself and identify yourself, based on yourself?

It’s an impossible project to find a place where these repressive mechanisms don’t exist…You have to seek — or: I would like to seek — to enter these separatist rooms. Not because I think they’re truer, or that they’re going to take over all society, but just in order to work from a position. It gives me a sense of having the power to act…
There’s also something beautiful in not having a land; not having a home. There’s an eternal negotiation for the possibility of being different. The world has many furtive spaces, and if every now and then, one can create a room of one’s own and for others, then, in that act, one can have the illusion of being self-appointed. It can be nice, believing this, together with others, well aware of the fact that it’s a very vulnerable room that might disappear the very next week.”
Kajsa Dahlberg

Sky and Space 2013-2014

The avant-garde can put the body on the line—people tend to forget that. That’s why I often say that Rosa Parks was avant-garde. Of course there are so many hallmark readings of a person like her, because it is more convenient to deradicalize her than to radicalize her. She becomes a hero. And to be labeled a hero is one of culture’s ways of depoliticizing you. You become part of what culture has dealt with. In this sense, one should always strive to be the opposite of a hero. - Adam Pendleton




I miss you. I wish you the best journey to the next plane of existence. You were one of my closest friends and for that I’m grateful. With love from here to wherever you are.